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Haute Couture lifestyle and philosophy by YURY®
Exquisite splendour and cassual routine. Moment of tranquility and ceaseless joy. Masterpieces of art and bold performance. Style and ellegance. Charisma and tallent. In our workshop everything combines - people, events and details. YURY® is a forge of confident, bald and exceptional hairdressers. All of them are united one philosophy - by selling our souls to the beauty, we are now able to share it with everyone who enters our boutique.
Yury® hairdressers does not follow the trends - they create them.



YYURY® team consists of exceptional Group of people. Each and every member has one's own, unique style. All of them are acknowledged talents, gifted and strive the same goal of YURY® team to be the best and most modern shop of hairdressers. This is the very way to make our costumers trendy, beautiful and most important - happy !
Everyone of our team admires and respects customers. The Group is hungry to fullfill desires and pleasure of our customers. People who is to be devoted to experts hands of YURY crew, leave fascinated and exceeded their expectations.


We hope that everyone who steps across our shop's star entrance, will feel anticipated and special, but most of all become a real star!

We work: I-V nuo 10 val. iki 20 val. VI nuo 10 val. iki 17 val.